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Turning Point The Brand...

Turning Point The Brand...

... our Pure Gold Hydrogel Plus Eye Masks!

Let’s recap.


- DUBAI LEAF wanted to share one unique product that we loved from our travels. It was the 24k Gold Face Masks. We wanted every woman around the world to experience that form of self-care.

- Everything had to be perfect so finding the right manufacturer we had been patient with.

- We created this brand but still had no product so instead we went through multiple retailers that had 24k luxury tools, cosmetics and treatments that all contained some aspect of gold.

- The eye masks were our best sellers which caught the eye of several event agencies wanting to the eye masks to be gifted to the nominees and media at nearly all high profile award ceremonies.

-  We then branded the eye masks and, with award winning beauty engineers, added our own ingredients.


Our website now only offers those best-selling eye masks. We facilitated the grabs even more by sending them over to Amazon U.S.A. that can just be added straight to your Amazon cart with free delivery!


We have a ton of eye masks available and are getting into all avenues to share them. Currently, we are in collaborating with salons in the states and the middle east and will soon be available in-store there.


That’s just the beginning... We can't wait to share more.


This is a journey, a long road ahead.


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Thank you all!


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