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Our Story & Mission

Our Story & Mission

10 years ago our DUBAI LEAF owners traveled to the United Arab Emirates to reorder their samsara-like way of life. With all the relaxation and luxury experienced a secret was told that the locals were got 24k pure gold facials. Next, our owners yearned for that treatment to be accessible to all believing that there was a need for everyone to be valued. Then, with the help of many, they were able to bring DUBAI LEAF to the masses.

The DUBAI LEAF Team is dedicated to providing their clients with premium 24k gold treatment, products and tools. The DUBAI LEAF Team care about the well-being and confidence of their treasured customers. With hope that through their brand, their customers will feel nourished and refreshed to work their acts of charity. 

DUBAI LEAF is a forward-thinking brand carrying the firm belief that beauty derives from feeling good. They pride themselves in delivering products their customers absolutely love, with a keen eye on individual preferences, styles, designs, and models.

DUBAI LEAF has set out to be the customer's go-to one-stop shop for gold beauty care products.